Driver Rental Service

The Driver Service is a service that is often requested from the VIP DRIVER by its customers, to have a driver to transport their car to a holiday resort or even to recover their car from the holiday resort to their home.

Driver Rental Service consists of having a professional driver who drives your car in your place.

It may happen that you want to go on vacation by plane or have to come back from vacation by plane for reasons of time or you want to have your car on vacation, but you don’t want to make the trip driving. The VIP DRIVER will take care of the recovery of your car, and transport it to the destination of your choice, in Italy or in Europe, so you can always have your car with you without making the trip driving.

The chauffeur rental service represents an advanced service that allows the customer to reach any destination on board his car, with the safety of a professional driver who takes care of everything concerning your trip; the route, the stops and above all the guide: passengers only have to indicate the pick-up point and destination point.

The driver will return by other means. The Car Rental Service will make everything easier by letting you relax and making you start a holiday right from the trip.